Vegan at Epcot (Disney)- Orlando, FL

So hallelujah, Epcot has a freakin air-conditioned Starbucks. Thank you heavenly LORD. It is actually pretty organized and very well run. Bella got a plastic container of grapes (dat loser) and a grande passion tea lemonade. I got a grande soy vanilla latte blended and it was the most delicious thing ever!!!! I drank the entire thing in one sitting and literally felt like my taste buds were dancing on my tongue (Probably grinding on each other, those sluts) 


We know there are also delicious vegan options at the Habacchi place in Japan (Not to mention vegan frozen ice) but my mom wanted to go to a mexican restaurant instead. They might have had a vegan option that my little sister tried. I didn’t want it though. The picture below is of the vegetarian menu with a tortilla option (grilled veg w/ beans on tortilla) and a simple salad (Sorry, it was dark in the restaurant). Not much, but I guess it’s something if your family takes you there because of margarita cravings. They also have chips and guac but the guac is kind of extremely spicy. On the bright side, it was kinda cool looking inside the restaurant doe. 



I’m sure there were more vegan options at the park, but our mom hates that we are vegan so she wouldn’t let us go to any…. #veganproblems #thatveganlifedoe


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