V Note-Upper East Side, NY

So apparently, the V note is a brother/sister (cousin?nephew?) of the Blossom cafes on Upper West…? Tis what I heard. 

Anyway, today we went to lunch with an awesome fellow Trojan and decided to check this place out. Overall, it was pretty average we thought. 

We started off with an apple, carrot, orange juice which is pretty simple to make, but it somehow came out minty tasting? #sketch And then we got the caesar and unchicken salad which was also mediocre. The chicken in it was good but eh. Then we also got the soy bacon cheeseburger and the chicken club which we loved! I was super in the mood for a sandwich and it was delicious. Fries were pretty good too. 

Then for dessert we got the chocolate fondue which we were all really excited for, but….no suprise readers, it too was mediocre. First of all it came cold! And we were all like “Hella naw, go warm this shit up” (<- okay maybe not my exact words, but you know what I mean) and then the chocolate in Bella’s words “had a chicken aftertaste”. Yup. You read that right. Although I don’t agree with that exact statement, it did taste a little off but was okay in the end. #chickenaftertaste 

The waiter also took a while and there was only one waiter. At one point, he was hiding behind the bar for so long we thought he had fallen asleep. So as much as I appreciate and support vegan restaurants, only come here for sandwiches. Oh yeah, and fondue pics for instagram. 


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