Vegan at Birdbath Bakery- New York City

So today when Tay, the sis, and I were makin our way to the bagel store, we passed Birdbath Bakery, so we had to take a stop inside. The atmosphere was pretty chill and earthy (kinda awkward too and i couldn’t pin point why), but they sell some vegan options, such as vegan sandwiches and muffins and cookies etc. The cool thing about this place, is that it not only has vegan options, but it also is very eco-friendly. (Yay! I love the environment). This place even sells eco-friendly hipster things like boxed water.

Since we were on our way to get bagels, i just got a cappuccino with hemp milk and it was really good. Also, i had never tried hemp milk before and the lady behind the counter let me try some. I super liked it, but the sis did not. To each their own. Check it out my vegan munchkins





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