Peacefood Cafe- New York City

We blog about Peacefood all the time but seriously, everybody should check it out. The food is great and the vibe is even cooler. Im posting two photos below: One of a customer with an awesome backpack, and the other of a waiter wearing a “World Peace” jersey. If that doesn’t give you a hint of how cool the people are that come to this place, i don’t know what will. Everybody that works/goes there is super unique (or hipster, whatever people call it nowadays)  and a good amount of them are attractive (not super important, but always a bonus).

Also, to eat (no i didn’t just go in there to take stalker photos…), i got the lentil soup with vegetables, which was the soup of the day. I took it to my friends house and ate it in a mug while we watched Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Soup and Star Wars…good combo i must say.  (The photo of the soup below makes it look like a cup of death, but i swear it was really good). It also comes with little mini pieces of toast. Aww how cute. So, basically, if you wanna be part of a cool crowd and at the same time eat good vegan food, checkout Peacefood. Peacefood out!



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