Vegan BLT featuring Just Mayo

Ok. Yes. You are right. This would be my second dinner of the day…..butttt, before I start, I would like to share some personal medical facts with you (That’s legal, right?). I had my annual doctor checkup this morning and my doctor said I had a tremendously healthy heart rate/blood pressure (He was like “Do you work out a lot?” and I was like #yes) and he said I was at the healthiest weight I’ve ever been so HA! Even though I eat like twelve meals a day, the vegan diet still wins in the end! #pointsforgriffindor 

So anyway, I made a vegan BLT today with gluten-free brown rice bread, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and tempeh bacon strips. I also used this new brand of vegan mayonnaise called Just Mayo which is this new brand of vegan products and the mayo is incredible. better than veganaise and probably better than the real thing. And…the same company plans on releasing a line of vegan cookie dough that can be eaten out of little cups with little spoons. It honestly doesn’t get better than that! Well, maybe if Benedict Cumberbatch was involved, but that’s besides the point. 

Anyway, great quick din din to go!



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