Thai Basil-Greenwich, CT


So after an arduous couple of hours of rock climbing with some boys from my school (look at me, I’m so cool i rock climb ) , my friend Mailah, Olie, and I were so exhausted and hungry that we drove all the way from Valhalla NY to Thai Basil in greenwich CT to eat dinner (not to mention we had to make the drive back anyway  if we wanted to get home ….). Thai Basil is SO delicious. We all got the sweet and sour tofu wok stirred (i love how the rice comes in little ice cream scoops), and Olie got the vegetables dumplings which not only were presented in a really cute way and were super tasty, but also came with an incredible soy ponzu sauce (the waitress said it was all vegan, but i would double check just in case) .

Also, i got the lychee iced tea, which comes with two lychees #winning (i forced my friend to try a lychee for the first time and she was totally sketched out because the lychees looked like eye balls but then she tried it and loved it), and my friend got the mango iced tea which she said, “is kinda weird. It’s not bad. It’s just not what you expect”….so yea. Check it out for some good thai food.

Also, the one weird thing about Thai Basil is that they used to deliver to our house all the time and then one time suddenly they told us that our house was too far away and that all the other times they had delivered to our house was a  mistake #what #sketchy #no #what

Soooo there ya have it! 

Love, the Waffagatos (<— inside joke from today)




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