Vegan at pool party

So my friend Tyler had a graduation pool party at his house that was tons of fun and had many vegan options. So to all of you vegans who get invited to summer pool festivities, there is a new hope. (Thanks to Tyler and Obi-wan Kenobi) 

For starters there was plantain chips and salsa/guac. Although I’m sure the chips at your party will most likely be tortilla chips and not plantain chips, they will still be vegan! #score

Then there were French Fries and ketchup which we got hand delivered to us…ooooh #shmancy  and we also snacked on some amazing watermelon! <- always a good choice  if you are trying to shed the pounds… or you can just get french fries and eat both like we did #YOLO

Annnnd there was a Ben & Jerry’s truck and Tyler was thoughtful enough to make sure there were vegan options! Since there were, we had the mango sorbet topped with oreo crumbles. So all in all, I would say that was a vegan success.

Thanks for the invite Tyler! Sheesh yall, ‘Twas a dream. 




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