Vegan Graduation Party

Hey guys, so believe it or not, but Olie and I graduated High School today! I know i thought the day would never come too. But it did! And now I’m freeeeeeeee. Onto my next adventure in life! I feel like Frodo from Lord of the Rings leaving the Shire

Well, our mom threw us a graduation party/get-together last night with fam and friends, and there was a whole table dedicated to vegan food! VEGAN REPRESENT. And i actually forced everybody, who wasn’t a vegan, against their will (does this count as harassment?) to try the vegan Dunwell donuts  we ordered and they all LOVED them.  SO HA all you vegan haters.  (My friends Mimi and Summer wanted me to post a picture of them with the vegan donuts to be featured on the blog, so watch out for them below with all the photos! Also, my friend Rebecca is makin a creepy face in  the background)

We had vegan donuts, mini veggie burgers, soba noodles, fruit, vegetables, sweet potato fries, grilled cheese, avocado rolls, nachos, Dunwell Donuts, bagels with avocado and vegan creme cheese, and barbecue chicken pizza. YES IT WAS AMAZING AND YES IM STILL EATING THE LEFTOVERS AS I TYPE THIS.

If you’re having a vegan party anytime, these are great treats to put out that even the non-vegans will love! Im not kidding. Every one of my friends that came, the first thing they said was, “Where’s the vegan food!?”  And they all loved it. YEA BABY



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