Spring Natural Kitchen- New York City

Sooooo my friend Mimi and the sis spent the day in NYC today, going to acting class and then painting pottery (yes we like to channel our inner child sometimes…. #AllTheTime), but then for dinner we went to Spring Natural Kitchen and we all gave it two thumbs up. It’s not all vegan but it has vegan options. Also, the vibe, inside and outside, was supper chill and urban and totes had it going on. The food was really delicious and simple but tasty.

Olie and Mimi got the vegetable spring roles and they really liked them. Direct quote from Mimi, “I only tried the vegetable spring roles.  But i want more”. And there you have it. (Yes we asked her for a quote. No she didn’t just state what she was eating  for no reason out of nowhere). And let me tell you, she’s recently become a vegan supporter even though she is not (and probably will never be) a  vegan. Go Mimi!

I got the stir fry vegetables and the ginger tamari sauce with brown rice and tofu and it was really good! The sauce on the rice and vegetables was really good. And the lemonade (tamarind lemonade i think? That’s a spice right?) was good too. Our family friend who wasn’t vegan got a burger there but really loved it so if you want to go to a place with a non-vegan friend who doesn’t want vegan food or claims he is allergic to soy (hint hint to our family friend), this is a great place to go! Check it out yallll

P.S. Ignore the boob looking shape on my tofu. It’s from the container. I swear. Maybe.



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