Naomi’s Kosher Pizza & Israel Falafal- Queens, NY

So, after a hard days work doing community service at God’s Love We Deliver in Brooklyn (Great place to volunteer if you are in the Brooklyn or Soho area. Many cute foreign college kids come to volunteer, so…*wink, wink*) Allie, Tay, Bella, and I were really (And randomly) craving some good falafel. 

Thanks to our good friend google, we were able to stumble upon this place in Queens, NY! It is a little pizza/falafel place (IDK about that combo, but it oddly works) and everything is kosher, so if you are Jewish or prefer your food for some reason blessed by rabbis, check this place out!

It’s not vegan but the falafel sandwiches we presumed were. Just falafel, a pita pocket, some Israeli salad, and chumus. Yes, chumus. We were confused by that as well, but, loandbehold, chumus is not some weird concoction but just humus spelled with a C (Like Hanukkah spelled Chanukah). I’m glad I cleared that up because I was really thinking about naming my first-born child Chumus Jr.

Oh yeah, the falafel was delicious!!! And we got sweet potato fries which were okay/good. 

Keep come and chumus on. 



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