Jack’s Coffee- East Hampton, NY

So, there is this really popular coffee in East Hampton and “anyone who’s anyone” goes there for their morning fuel (aka bagels and coffee) and it’s kinda famous because Gweneth Paltrow goes there….? Idk (As in, I don’t know and I don’t careee) 

But anyway, almost the entire bakery window is vegan (Scones, muffins, donuts, breads) and they have soy milk for the lattes and cappachino and all those delicious vegan goodies we all love. 

We got plain everything bagels, Bella got a cinnamon sugar donut, and I got chocolate chip banana bread. We also got lemonade and iced soy lattes. Great breakfast for the long ride home from the Hamptonies. 

Happy Memorial Day! And may the vegan deliciousness be with you all 🙂


The Hampton Crew (Yaggy, Pamielosa, Chayla, Belliza, Ollie, and Chatty Cathy)



Thought the tip jar was funny (My answer: Obviously, skinny dipping…uh, I mean sky diving??) 



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