Vegan at Fairfeild Rest Area/ Gas Station- CT

So, we were on our way to a memorial weekend vacay getaway and were in the longgeeessst car ride eva, so we stopped at the Fairfield gas station and surprisingly found some delicious vegan options. 

There was a subway so we got our sig. sandwich (6″ Italian, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, sweet onion sauce, toasted) with a bag of baked potato chips and at the snack shop, my friends Je’lyn and Cathy (#shoutout!) and the sis Belliza got a bunch of vegan snacks. 

To drink I got an all natural Mango Orange Honest Ade (Only 100 cals, holla!), dark chocolate bark thins (chocolate covered pretzels and sea salt) and Rocky Mountain cinnamon sugar popcorn. So yum. 

So hope ‘yall all have a fun memorial day filled with tons of vegan treats and family and friends and laughter and smiles all that warm, happy, sunshiney stuff that fills our hearts with vegan joy. #thatmemorialdaylifedoe



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