Babette’s- East Hampton, NY


So Memorial Day weekend is only good for a couple things: Sitting by the pool, going to the beach, taking naps, reading books, watching movies, scoping out hot guys, and most importantly EATING. In East Hampton they have an amazing restaurant called Babettes, which has vegan and non vegan options. Also, lots of young hot guys go there, just saying. On the downside, all of the women that go there look super put together with their purposeful messy buns, and their expensive sun dresses, and big sunglasses and make you just feel kinda crappy about yourself in your tshirts and shorts, but who da F cares, you’re not there to look nice, you’re there to EAT!

The barbecue tofu is off the chain delicious, the vegan french toast is really good too (they didn’t have it today #sadface), the kale salad with tempeh and the asian tofu salad are really good too, and the chai lattes are SO good. Everything there is so amazing, you mustttt check it out. Before the summer officially starts though, it’s only open on friday, saturday, and sunday. Also, because it’s super good, it’s also super busy, so make sure to go at a non busy time. YUMMMMMMMM I’m craving it again and i literally had it less then 4 hours ago. Good thing, ill be going back tomorrow 😉




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