Champs Family Bakery- Brooklyn, NY


Today we spent another day in Brooky Brooklyn or as we should call it “the land of the true hipsters”. Yes i give credit to/blame Brooklyn for the new fad of the “(wannabe) hipster”. Anywayssss, the food at Champs is AMAZING!!! It’s like classic diner food, but there are SO many options and breakfast i think is served allllll dayyyyyy. YEAH BABY.

The service was quick, the food GREAT, but the actual place is kinda sketch. They have like Hulk masks as decorations on the shelves (which out friend took a picture wearing). Andd you can only pay with cash (but don’t worry, my little vegans, they have an atm machine in the restaurant), and some of the booth seats are kinda torn up, but hey it’s a diner, you can’t expect much. Also, the bathroom freaked me out incredibly. Not only did it smell bad, and not only was the soap a mixture of leftover soap and water, but there was graffiti everywhere. When i say everywhere, i mean everywhere. What really freaked me out was the “F*** you and die slowly” written on the wall, which kinda threw me off considering this is a “family” bakery and all vegan, which normally means a “peaceful” atmosphere. F U DIE SLOWLY is not my idea of peaceful, but hey, I’m not here to judge.

ANYWAYS, the chicken and waffles was AMAZIN and so was the monti cristo. YUMMM. And the fries with cheese and bacon were delicious, especially with ketchup. The mexican salad was ehhh (the sis asked for a diff dressing and they forgot and gave her the usual, but the salad itself was very blah) so was the chicken and pesto sandwich. BUT ANYWAYYYSSS check it out 


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