Soy and Sake- NYC

So I was looking at @VeganTweeter twitter account randomly because I had a cold and literally had nothing to do but watch True Detective and stalk random strangers on social media sites. Anyway, he is really funny and makes really great points about the vegan diet so you should follow him but he recommended this vegan Japanese place so we thought we’d try it!

It was amazzzzzing! My un-vegan friends loved it just as much as we did. We took a bite of the first course (Spicy rock shrimp tempura) and all of a sudden started talking about how happy we were to be in each other’s company. It was so good, we attributed its deliciousness to love for each other. LOL it was definitely the rock shrimp doe. 

Anyway, we ordered the rock shrimp tempura which was incredibly good! Tasted just as good as the real version at Nobu except way less expensive and definitely more peacefully executed. (aka no shrimp were harmed in this making of this masterpiece). Then we got sesame chicken which was like little soy chicken donut bites covered in warm, gooey sesame sauce and coconut chicken that was deliciously crispy  outside and chewy on the inside. We also got a village roll (avocado, rock shrimp tempura, spicy vegan mayonnaise, and banana) which was really good minus the banana (Which was not so good). 

Then for dessert we got oreo cheesecake, peanut butter bomb, and death by chocolate cake. Very yum. 

If you love Japanese food and miss all your favorites at Nobu or P.F. Chang’s, you must come here. OR YOU WILL DIE BY CHOCOLATE



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