Whole Foods Lunch in Rye, New York

we alll know Whole Foods is one of the best creations of mankind, and if you didnt know that, then we cant be friends.

i literally spend all my money there. Exaggeration? #sadlyno 

Anyways i went to lunch there today and it was delish so i thought id blog about it. The golden something tofu is literally off the chains. Its SO good. The marinates pinapple is super sweet and good and they always have new types of salad and stuff. I just ate from the bar today, but you should deff check it out. So good, and so many options. Also i got a bag of apple chips for dessert. (Yes i know i sound like one of those pretentious people that eat fruit for dessert, but its only on rare occasions. Dont worry, im still the fat lard you think i am )



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