Vegan dinner option

So, I know all ‘yall vegans out in there in the ether are quite familiar with the popular breakfast food, avocado toast! For those of you who seem unaware of the delicious and nation wide craze (Over-exaggeration? Idk) , it is basically mashed avocado mixed with salt, pepper, and lemon on top of a toasted baguette with drizzled with olive oil and sometimes balsamic vinegar. 

It is supppperrr yummy and filling and good for you! (Okay, maybe not the bread part, but I mean, we could all use a few carbs every now and then, right??? #whoamikidding)

BUT, ladies and gentlemen, behold….we broke the stereotype and ventured a little outside of the box by having avocado toast….for DINNER!!! I know, we are such rebels!! 

Anyway, it makes for a great dinner, especially if it goes along with a healthy salad and…sweet potato fries? Okay, I had to splurge. I just finished my last AP test and was celebrating! Sue me. 

Here’s a short story! I was craving bread and was sorta kidding and was like “Yo quiero pan pero yo soy gorda” to my little sister’s babysitter (Translation “I want bread but I’m fat) and she responded “Entonces no comes pan” (Translation: Then don’t eat bread). Lol. #powned




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