Le Pain Quotidien- Rye, NY

HEYYOOO guys, long time no blog. Well, i know we’ve posted about this place a gazillion times before but the food is so good, that it deserves all the posts!

Sad fact i learned today: They took the vegan chile off the menu….NOOOOOOOO!!!!

It was my fave thing. But no worries, the qinuoa cake is just as  AMAZING (just a little higher in calories- 420). Also, they added a peanut butter, jam, banana tartine that is vegan that my friend ordered (it’s like 720 calories, but if you’re a skinny-binny and want to eat something delcicious…go for it! But if you’re like me…well….). Also, they added strawberry lemonade! SO good. CHECK IT OUT YALL.

The only downside is that the service is slow. The waiters/waitresses are super nice, they just need more of em. I literally think there was only one waitress today. Guess she’s gonna be dancing in tips by the end of the night, while we are drowning in lost time. JK its not thatttt bad. But  still….Le Pan, seriously, get more waiters.

unnamed unnamed-1


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