Sprinkles Vending Machine- Beverly Hills, CA

Okay, so you know how much you love vending machines? You put in a dollar and in seconds you are returned with a candy! What’s better than that?! Well….hate to brake it to you, but there is something better than that. Sprinkles has opened a vending machine outside their Beverly Hills store and (Brace yourselves ladies and gentleman) if you swipe your credit card, you get a friggen CUPCAKE!!!! (cue crowd applause)

And…….IT HAS VEGAN RED VELVET CUPCAKES!!!!! (I repeat, it has a vegan red velvet cupcake) I honestly owe Sprinkles cupcakes my first-born child for this masterpiece. 

So if your ever cruising around the hills, please stop and get yourself a cupcake. You will not regret this decision + it makes for rad instragram pics (For those of you who are into that instagram life…I’m personally more about that vegan life doe) 

Warning: The vending machine in New York did not carry the vegan red velvet as of a few weeks ago. Just thought you vegan warriors should know before you made the arduous journey 



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