Seeds @ USC- Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys! If you’re a fellow Trojan, or  if you just ever find yourself on the USC campus, check out the place down the stairs from Lemonade called Seeds. It’s a little market type place, but they have a whole section in the back dedicated to vegans! How cool!? That Vegan Trojan Life Doe.

Well, after a long orientation type thing, us kiddos were starvinggggg. Luckily we found Seeds or should I say Seeds found us? Fate. Well, there we found a vegan veggie burger that was cold and looked kinda gross, but let me tell you…IT WAS DELISH. I scarfed the whole thing in like 2 seconds. (Are you picturing me stuffing food in my face? Because basically thats me on a  daily). 

Anyway, check it out my fellow vegans and possibly Trojans!


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 6.57.23 PMerwrunnamed-7


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