Kreation- Los Angeles, CA

HEY GUYYYYSSSS i bet you’re sick of all these posts, but the blog wasn’t working at the hotel in Los Angeles, so I’m kinda going on a blogging spree right now. Hope i don’t make ya too hungry!

Check out this juice place in LA. Super cool and fresh and just awesome. They sell little glass bottles of juice that remind me of the little bottle in Alice in Wonderland that says “Drink me”. Is it weird that I’m kinda obsessed with mini anything? Maybe it’s because I’m so short…. hmmm life pondering. Anyway, check it all y’all. (I gotta go Skype with a potential roommate. Wish me luck! Seriously. Im kinda terrified. How do I do this type of thing?!)

P.S. some of the drinks have honey, so if you’re a vegan, just don’t get those





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