Crossroads- Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys! Check out Crossroads, the coolest hippest vegan place in Los Angeles right now. it’s so hot and sizzling, you could fry an egg on it. (A flax egg of course).

It’s really hard to get into, so make your reservations quickly! We did it last minute so the only res we could get was at either 5 or 9:45. The food there is really good and you couldn’t even tell it was vegan! It was the perfect place to bring a non vegan friends to try vegan food for the first time.The only downfall is that the waiters were kinda sassy and rude and i don’t think they took us seriously because we look like kids. Eh screw em. You’re there for the food anyway.

We suggest getting the cheese plate to start, the caramelized leek flat bread, the Mediterranean pot pie, the crab cakes, the calamari (SO GOOD), the scaloppini parmesan (SO GOOD), and the Grasshopper Pie and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert (everything is a good size to share with the table, depending on how many).

The spinach salad was not worth buying, and the pasta ravioli type things (i can’t remember the name) were REALLY salty. So don’t get that. Other than that though, it was SUPER good. Im kinda craving it right now.

Crossroads did really live up to all the hype! (Unlike Breaking Bad when i watched the first episode. Apparently, you have to keep watching to really get into it. Hm)


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