M Cafe- Los Angeles, California

Hey guys!! Guess what!? We’re in La La land! And do you know what that entails???

A million people trying to make it big in Hollywood! Let’s face it, it aint neva gonna happen. (Im totally kidding. I support the dedicated dreamers out here. REACH FOR THE STARS BABIES!)

But most importantly, to me at least, Los Angeles means….


So naturally, the sista and I hit up our fave places. Today we had lunch at M Cafe which is a cute little, carefree cafe that is mostly vegan, aside from the sushi. Our fave things are their Signature Sesame Soba Noodles and their Signature Spicy Peanut Kale (which isn’t spicy at all….um?)

Anyway, it’s like a little salad bar type thing, where you order, and then they bring it to your table. I like to sit outside because you can people watch. People watching is the best (until the people catch you starring at them and then you just have this awkward moment of staring into each others souls). Anyways, ya’ll should check it out because it’s YUMMAY and the food is really refreshing and light. Also we got the cherry lemonade and an arnold palmer.



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