Vegan Lunch Idea

HAPPY EASTER! <- Yes, I felt obligated 

Today for lunch we had polenta fries with tomato sauce (which are YUMMAY) and sweet potato falafel with hummus (YUMMM-AY). I only have the recipe for the fries but I’m sure you can find the recipe for the falafel online. (#toolazy)

And guess what? You can play jenga with the polenta fries! Who doesn’t love to play with their food?!

KK that’s it. I wish i had more to write considering Im currently stalling from writing an english essay about  moral ambiguity in the book The Third Man . Uh no thanks.

But I do genuinly hope you have a nice holiday! Christ has risen!!! Now go eat all your chocolate eggs and try to stay away from the real ones! Lol, bye. 

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