Grand Central Station- New York City

 So today a friend and us decided to go to New York City just to hang (NO SCHOOL BABAY) and we had so much fun! First stop, Grand Central Station (duh).

It was a cold and windy New York City morning, so of course, we stopped to get bagels and coffee. At Central Market, we got toasted Everything bagels (They let us top with avacado too!!! Great alternative to butter/cream cheese) and cappuccinos with soy milk. Delish!

Perfect start to a fun new york citay morning.  The bagels were so soft and the cappuccino was so cappuccino-y (i just made up a word. Cool right? #Frindle #Getit?).

Anyways, check it out y’all if you’re ever there and want some breakfast. (I almost wrote “and if you ever have the munchies” but then looked it up on urban dictionary and this was the definition “When you get hungry after smoking weed. Usually people will eat a lot of junk food” …So i guess that too?) K bye.





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