Healthy Snacks

Hey everybody! Here are some healthy snack ideas you can try when you’re cravin the D. And by D i meant doughnut….gosh what did you think i meant?

Anywho, if you have a juicer, try making an orange, apple, carrot juice! It is so delicious and refreshing. Just make sure that when you drink it, you wipe your mouth after. Because you may end up with an orange ‘stache and look like an Oompa Loompa (although let’s face it. Im 4’11…i already look like an oomph loompa)


And if you wanna something to munch on, try my Aunt’s cannelloni bean dip (recipe under photo). She used a hummus recipe on the back of a jar of tahini (I actually didn’t know that people used the recipes on the backs of products, i thought they were there for fun) and replaced the chickpeas for cannelloni beans. Innovative¬†right?! And instead of lemon juice, she used apple cider vinegar. We ate with Mary’s Gone crackers which are really good as well.





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