Vegan Thai Basil- Greenwich, CT

So, my friend Je’yln and Bella were craving some Thai food. Sounds random. Is random. But not that random considering the three of us actually went to Thailand together almost two years ago. 

So we figured out that at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue across from the theatre (Does that even still count as Greenwich Avenue?) there is the Thai restaurant called Thai Basil! So we ventured off through the pouring rain (Like the foodie soliders we’ve become) and finally made our way to Thai Basil. 

For starters, the place actually smells like Thailand. Like, I’m not even kidding. I’ve been to Thailand, Thai Basil smells like it….

So I guess it’s authentic, unless they bought a Thailand car freshener or something.

Anyway, the food my sister and I ordered was suppppperrrr yummy! If you ever are craving Thai Food, you must try this place. We got the tofu wok stirred with sweet&sour sauce with brown rice! Super great mix of sweet and sour (naturally) and the tofu had just the right amount of crispiness to each piece  (It may have been fried. I don’t know or care since I wasn’t really there for my health) but it was super yummy!

The place delivers and also serves mango sticky rice which I hear is pretty good! (Although we were too stuffed to try it like the lards we are) 



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