Vegan Thanksgiving

Thank you Lord for Tofurkey. Amen. 

Bottom line, everyone says being vegan must be tough on Thanksgiving. I beg to differ. Seriously, I beg on my hands and knees. Our shopping cart literally looked like this: 


Spending Thanksgiving with our aunt in Texas was easy peasy. We just put the Tofurkey in the oven with a baste, gravy (Came in package), and some veggies like carrots and sweet potato (We had at home) and it came out AMAZING!!! The box even came with its own Amy’s vegan chocolate cake for dessert!

Who says Thanksgiving is hard for vegans? NOT ME!!!

And not to end on a sour note, but I think all Thanksgivings should be Vegan. I mean, don’t you think this holiday has had enough of slaughtering in its past? And I’m not just talking about the Turkey’s… (Too soon?) 



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