Spring Street Natural- Soho, NYC

Our friend Sami showed us this restaurant a few months ago and since then we have fallen in love with it. It is a great restaurant to go to with your un-vegan friends because they have options for everyone. Very hip, trendy, and new yorky, the vibe is super chill, the service is great and the food is fantastic!!

I recommend the iced coffee (Actually like, the best iced coffee I’ve ever had) and the Malaysian braised tofu (which comes with tofu, peanut sauce over chewy , soft noodles and bok choy…so delicious). The fries are also great (You know, the crunchy but soft ones people dream about in their sleep…oh wait, that’s just me?) and they have a bunch of vegan desserts like fruit crumbles with ice cream. 

Our friend Sol from LA decided to cross over to the dark side so we took her here yesterday. We got the spring roles in plumb sauce for the table (Perfect) and the steamed vegetables over brown rice with korean soy-miso sauce (super delicious and light, but filling) 

As Guy Fierri would say “Out of bounds!”






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