Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton- Puerto Rico

When I had the amazing opportunity to vacation in Puerto Rico on a family friend’s bachelorette party, i found some delicious vegan options.

  • Encanto Beach Club And Grill

I ate a really great salad at the Encanto Beach Club And Grill located in the hotel resort. There was a couple of options that could be made vegan, which is always nice. I ordered the yuca fries (without the sauce) and the Encanto Carribean Cobb (without the grilled lobster, egg, or queso fresco). It was light, refreshing, tropical, and delightful. Like actually, i want it right now.


  • Mi Casa By José Andrés

For my family friend’s big bachelorette dinner, we ate at this more fancy restaurant at the resort. We called ahead to make sure they had something we could eat, and they cooked us tofu with vegetables. I thought it was a bit salty, but my sister loved it. I’m just really happy that they accommodated to us considering we called like 20 minutes in advance (oops), but everything worked out fine. There is also a great photo-op with a huge wall sized photo of a man swimming underwater in a pool. A lot of my family friend’s friends posed in pictures (for instagram duh) to make it look like the man was swimming into their mouths…im sure the waiters are sick of everybody pullin that  stunt. Regardless, thanks to the chefs for appreciating us vegans. 


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